How to Make RFID Key Card Work Again?

In today’s highly competitive hotel marketplace, keeping your guest happy is a top priority. No matter what types of guests, such as tired late-night business travelers or families with children in tow they are frustrated when the key card (even after multiple attempts) will not unlock the hotel room key card door locks to their room. Today, Be-Tech, one of the leading hotel door lock manufacturers in China, would illustrate the demagnetized issue about the key cards and make a comparison between magnetic key cards and RFID key cards.

How To Make A Key Card Work Again?

You may think want to fix or reorder the demagnetized card when the key card is demagnetized. But, generally speaking, fixing and reordering are not great solutions. And someone also tries to put some tape over the magnetic stripe. This trick also can not guarantee that the card will work. It is also not an ideal solution. The wise solution is to exchange the new key card. You could use the key card programmer to reprogram a new key card.

How to Make RFID Key Card Work Again?

Why Is A Key Card Demagnetization?

The demagnetized issue relates to multiple factors. Many things can demagnetize the traditional hotel door lock key cards. In this section, the author would list some major factors to understand this issue.

RFID Interference

RFID card interference is common in key card access door locks. It relates to basic physics knowledge. every magnet has a magnetic field created by electrons moving between the two poles. Once a magnet gets close to another magnet, it affects the other card’s magnetic field. This physics truth still works in the door lock key card, when in contact with other magnetized objects such as credit and debit cards, key chains, etc, as a result, it would be demagnetized and the data erased.

Clothes & Accessories Magnets

Many guests prefer to store their key cards in their purses. Although the magnets on wallets, jackets, and purses could close a compartment well and keep it tightly sealed, they would create a magnetic field that affects the key cards.

Physical Damage

Physical damage is the third common cause of dysfunction of the keycard. There is an iron film on the magnetic stripe. When it gets scratched, the data stored in the card is unreadable and the magnetic card reader is unable to process the data at all.

How to Avoid the Demagnetized Card?

Since we understand the factors that could make the hotel door lock key cards don’t work. We could accordingly implement some solutions to avoid the key cards don’t work and ensure the guests could easily use the door lock key card in your hotel.

●Cleaning card key door locks and encoders once per quarter for interior locks, and once per month for exterior locks. The door lock and encode easily hide some debris which may damage the key card

●Should categorize and store separately the new key card and old key card, regardless of the type of the key card. This method could prevent the mixing of the used and new cards and help with troubleshooting.

●Make sure you are ordering and upgrading the right key card door lock system for your hotels. The RFID door lock system is a modern and affordable system for most hotels. Therefore, you could order the proper rfid keyless door lock, according to the grade of your hotel.

RFID Hotel Door Locks or Magnetic Key Card Door Locks: Which is Better

Although both of them are the standard key card in the modern electronic keyless door lock system for hotels and they seem like same, they still have differences.  These differences also indicate that traditional hotels should upgrade their hotel door lock system to a hotel RFID door lock system.


Magnetic stripe key card door locks are the more traditional key card option. The guests open the door lock by sliding the key card into a magnetized slot. When the magnetic stripe lines up correctly, the door lock would unlock.

RFID hotel door locks are a newer door lock technology in the hotel world. The guests just simply let the right RFID key card touch the sensor pad on the hotel room’s door lock, then, they are allowed to access their room.


According to the previous sections, we can conclude that the magnetic card easily is demagnetized. If they are improperly placed in some place, they easily get physically damaged and be demagnetized. But for the RFID card, it has no possibility of the demagnetized. Therefore, the RFID card is the winner in this competition.


The magnetic key card requires more maintenance because they have to avoid the demagnetized issue. According to the previous section, they should be placed in a proper room and get cleaned regularly. Compared with a magnetic key card, the RFID card doesn’t need more maintenance and has a longer span of life, but is more expensive. Considering the magnetic key card has a lower price than the RFID key card, you may think they seem the same, from the perspective of the cost. Hold on! You haven’t accounted for the time and labor costs in the budget. The magnetic key cards need your staff to spend time on cleaning and exchanging. It seems unprofitable.


Then we can conclude that the RFID keyless door lock is practical and reliable for most hotels. For traditional or old hotels, it is time to upgrade your hotel door lock system to RFID hotel door lock system.


All in all, the only way to solve the demagnetized issue is to exchange the key card and the motels or hoteliers should upgrade their key card door lock system to a modern rfid door lock system, according to their specific needs. And, Be-Tech is one of the leading hotel door lock manufacturers, who can supply a wide range of hotel rfid door locks for various grades of hotels.

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