Hotel Electronic Locks, The New Stylish Key for Safety

Is no news that in today’s world most larger hotel chains don’t use metal keys as they have been replaced with electronic locks that use RFID cards.

With this change the security measures have increased. With metal keys in the past people where able to be copy and use them for burglaries but with the hotel electronic locks it is impossible for a would-be burglar to pick up a card and try to break into a room.

Hotel Electronic Locks, The New Stylish Key for Safety

With the RFID cards that are used with the hotel electronic locks once a guest checks out of a room, that key won’t be able to work anywhere else, not even on the room the guest were previously staying in, as always the code is changing. For this reason electronic key cards really enhance the safety of the rooms for the guests of the hotels that use this kind of technology.

Now that the safety aspects are taken care of with these lock doors there is the need to look after the aesthetic part of the lock. It is extremely important for hoteliers that the look of their hotel corridors represent the elegance and are the introduction to one of their rooms. Still with this in mind most hotel card lock suppliers and manufacturers don’t provide a lot of options for aesthetically pleasing electronic locks alternatives.

This is where Be-Tech company comes in play. They are a more than 20-year-old company that is known as a lock supplier with an emphasis on high quality electronic locks. Their hotel electronic lock are designed taking in mind the desire for design continuity for hotel corridors, guestrooms and other hotel areas.

In their spread of products there are hotel electric locks that work with RFID technology. They belong in the VISION Series as they are being built with the latest electronic locks technology while being decorated with a pleasantly fashion and durable design, as they are made with stainless sted.

Hotels that are being constructed or renovated and are looking to fulfill the desire for fashion design in their corridors, guestrooms and suites will find a solution with Be-Tech as they have a lot of aesthetic alternatives with varying prices that can definitely adapt to any style of hotel from Business, Resort, Spa and All-Inclusive. It will make a different in comparison to the regular looking options that other hotel lock manufacturers have to offer.

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