Get Pin Code Door Lock For Extra Security In Your House

The traditional door locks are mainly composed of keys and keyholes. They portray the classic picture of a door lock but modern-day pin code door locks are smart options concerning security. A pin code door lock laced with new technology will allow you to lock and unlock a door in a more secure way. These days, you have pins included in them that will penetrate in between the lock to keep it secure. This type of door locks are not easy to break as they are complicated. To break them, the thieves will have to spend enough time but in that time, police will be there to arrest them. These pin code door locks are being used on the entrance door of many houses, apartments and residences.

Times have changed a lot and these days security is the main concern for many people. Therefore, different locks have been invented. There are pin code door locks, code locks, and biometric door locks that people use on their entrance doors.

Be-Tech is a continuous innovation company that could be your pin code door lock supplier for your new home. People from all walks realize the importance of security these days so the company offers a long range of door locks to choose from. By looking at various locks you can get a newly designed lock for your own home.

Here, we are going to look at one of their pin code door locks. Let’s look at the specifications of this one in detail.

Get Pin Code Door Lock For Extra Security In Your House


If we look into the basic description of this lock, we know that it is Digital Mortise Lock. It comes with RF card and touchpad so basically you have two options to open it whenever you want. It has a digital touch keypad that shows the number only when you show your palm. Otherwise, it won’t show the keypad or number so this is customized to the owners of the houses or the close family members. You can instantly make a PIN code without delaying it after the installation of the lock. This lock uses batteries to perform its functions. So whenever someone is locking or unlocking the door, the red and green LED indicators will highlight the function being performed at the handle.

Some locks come with the light signs as well while some only highlight the function through lights. When batteries are about to run out, the lock will beep. Also, this one features manual and automatic lock feature. Suppose you opened the lock and go through the door, now it will automatically get locked after a while. This feature is absolutely safe for those who have a big family, and everyone has their time of going and coming back. It has a 60mm Backset GB Lock case that contributes to security. So, if you forget your PIN, you will have to set everything from scratch or do override through the mechanical key. The color of this lock is black and coffee gold. You can choose to pick one color that compliments your interior decoration.

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