Everything about the Best Wireless Door Lock for Dorm Rooms in 2022

Are you haunting the best wireless door lock for your security system project such as dorm room, hotel, etc? Fortunately, Be-Tech offers the best wireless electronic door lock to help you build up the latest security system project. Allow me to introduce the best keyless wireless door locks in 2022 in the following parts.

What is A Wireless Electronic Door Lock?

The wireless electronic door lock is the latest network door lock that allows you can control it from your laptop. Be-Tech also specially design a perfect and completed security system for this keyless wireless door lock—-Be-Tech Virtual Networked System. The wireless electronic door lock not only do very well in epidemic prevention but also satisfied the management needs of factories, hotels, and other large enterprises.

What is Be-Tech Virtual Networked System

The Be-Tech virtual networked system is consist of a DMS system, Lora gateway, and Lora wireless electronic door lock. Once the Lora gateway finishes the binding with the system and door locks, the networked system starts to work. You can monitor the door lock in real-time in the DMS system, reset the door lock cards, and remotely control the unlocking.

What is DMS System?

The DMS system is a self-developed door lock management system that could manage the wireless electronic door lock and check the information on the door locks.

What Does Gateway Do for Keyless Wireless Door Locks?

The Lora gateway is a bridge for communicating between the DMS system and the door lock. Ideally, one gateway could bind with 48 door locks under the test environment. There is no ceiling /wall hinder in the open testing environment.

The actual number of binding depends on the actual inner layout of the buildings. After the binding is done, the gateway usually is installed on the ceiling.

What is an RFID Door Lock?

In this system, the RFID door lock is equipped with LoRa wireless technology, which could well cooperate with the online system and provide managers with high-efficient operation experience. It is one of the best wireless door locks for wireless door lock systems.

best wireless door lock

Best Wireless Door Lock

Product Application Scenarios of Wireless Electronic Door Lock

This door lock security system is compatible with various building such as commercial buildings, factory, dormitory, hospitality, retail, etc.

Recently, we also accept a bulk order from a famous company in electric equipment. Our customer has a large factory in Vietnam. And, they are looking for a reliable commercial rfid door lock system to help them manage the staff dormitory which has over 3000 rooms. Then, we recommend this rfid key card door lock as the door lock for dorm room. Cooperated with the other LoRa equipments, this door lock will provides a high-grade and latest electronic security door lock system—-Be-Tech Virtual Network System.

Benefits of Be-Tech Virtual Networked System

Cooperated with LoRa technology, the door lock brings a lot of benefits to the managers. Here are the main benefits of the Be-Tech virtual networked system.


Latest Wireless Technology

Be-Tech is the first batch to design and manufacture a wireless door locking system in the world. With the latest wireless technology, the keyless wireless door locks could fulfill your most needs in management that other electronic door locks can’t do. For example, you don’t need to reprogram the key card to extend the valid time of the guest card or assigned another room for your staff.

With the help of the perfect cooperation between these wireless equipment, the manager could control the opening and closing of the door lock in the online system. And most essential operations can be done in the online system. In summary, the manager doesn’t have to frequently contact a lot of staff. It not only could reduce the chance of infection but also improve the working efficiency.

Convenient in Management

Talking about the working efficiency, it indeed provides the most convenience to the managers. First, all the guest and master cards can be invalidated in the management system. And the online system will notify each lock. Second, you could check all the information in the door lock management system. For example, there is a power notification on the system, and you don’t have to check the battery status of the lock or safe one by one.

Always Has a Backup Plan

It is not a simple wireless remote control door lock system. During the design process, Be-Tech has taken all the factors in the design and made an offline system. The offline system is a backup solution for the online system. As its name implies, it can work without any network. When the network breakdown, you still can check in with the keycard on the server and unlock the dorm rooms.


All in all, The Be-Tech is one of the leaders in the wireless key door lock and the most professional in designing and manufacturing the latest electronic door locks for various security system projects such as hotels, dormitories, commercial buildings, hospitals, healthcare centers, etc. You could always find the best and latest wireless electronic door lock in Be-Tech. If you are finding a reliable electronic door lock manufacturer in China for cooperation, Be-Tech may be your first choice.

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