Digital Door Lock Manufacturers: The Solution For Privacy Home Life

There are people that appreciate their privacy a lot, and thankfully technology has evolved enough so that any individual is able to live as privately as they would wish. What we are referring is those people who don’t like to be bothered or wish to have a little bit of peace and be alone in their room.

Like we mentioned, people are able to enjoy their wishes of being alone even in their bedroom and this is thanks to digital door lock manufacturers and we will talk about the company Be-Tech in this article. We recommend this professional company because they have more than 28 years in the market, were they have been able to establish themselves as a world-class, high quality producer of security products – with an emphasis on electronic locks.

Since they were funded they have continued to lead the market by continuously launched innovative products, while still researching and developing with modern manufacturing technology.

We will dive into describing their product that goes by the name of fingerprint and RFID card digital door lock – R665FM-19B. They describe this door lock as being perfect to be installed and utilized for a bedroom door at any home or as well in any other interior room door at home. They do insist that it should only be applied indoors and they recommend that the maximum torque of handle is no more than 25 N.M and that the door weight is no more than 100 Kg.

Digital Door Lock Manufacturers: The Solution For Privacy Home Life

In regards of its physical descriptions it is a digital cylindrical latch lock, and as the name suggests this lock is able to be opened with fingerprint and a RF Card. This is very beneficial and convenient for the user because it’s more comfortable for the user to have easy access to any room were the lock is installed.

The technology of this product is very advance which is great for the user because for example this product has a One-touch Fingerprint Verification which as the name suggests it’s able to conveniently read a fingerprint on the first try, emphasizing the comfort that this product brings to its user.

In addition, this digital door lock has an operation status notification which means that whenever any operation is made, there is an LED light indicator that informs the user of what is happening through different colors and signs. This is a great feature for the user as they become more trusting and comfortable with the product.

Another thing to keep in mind with this product is that it needs 3X1.5V AAA alkaline batteries (with an operating voltage of 3.3~4.5V) to be able to correctly function. The great thing about this is that they are able to last up to 8 months and after that exchanging them with new batteries is extremely easy.

And finally, other feature of this product is that it has automatic locking, which as the name suggests it means that the door lock will lock automatically after the door being opened for a few seconds.

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