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The Best Fingerprint Locks
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The Best Fingerprint Locks

If you are fed up of moving around with the keys to your house and always trying to recall the last place where you left

The Benefits Of Fingerprint Door Locks
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The Benefits Of Fingerprint Door Locks

Security has always been a concern of highly importance to humans all around the world. Thanks to technology, the way people guard valuables and their

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Fingerprint Door Lock, Start Your Smart Life

Pacing with the development of smart technology, the idea of a smart home is introduced to more and more families. Because of the high-level safety

Be-Tech's Biometric Door Lock System
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Be-Tech’s Biometric Door Lock System

For the past 28 years, for manufacturing biometric door lock system, Be-Tech, a China-based company, has made itself a good reputation. The various types of

Why modern hotel door locks are important?
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Why modern hotel door locks are important?

Security is not just a concern for household properties, but it is important for hotels too. A traditional hotel door lock is not enough to

If your biometric house lock is broken, how to fix a biometric house lock?

1. Clean The Sensor Screen
If the biometric system is not accepting the fingerprint and beeps with the red light. Furthermore, different fingers are scanned at the same place; therefore, the reading plate cannot read the next fingerprint because of greasiness. So make sure to clean the sensor, then put the finger again and let it scan

2. Weak Battery
A weak battery usually leads to red warning lights and longer beeps. To overcome this issue, you only need to replace the battery and adjust the connector if it is leaving its place. Now, clean your hands and fingerprint reading plate, and congratulations! The door is open.

3. Incorrect fingerprint
Sometimes, the biometric lock system fails because of us. Usually, we do not enter the registration mode and keep on presenting the incorrect finger for scanning. Consequently, make sure to manipulate fingerprint registration and review the manual.

4. Backup Passwords
It’s not only us humans who forget the passcodes, but sometimes the biometric lock system also fails to recognize the fingerprints. Therefore, if the door doesn’t open even after cleaning the reading plate, then back up passwords are the only way to unlock doors and re-register the fingerprint.

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