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If you are fed up of moving around with the keys to your house and always trying to recall the last place where you left

With digitalization and smart homes, more and more private individuals are slowly becoming aware of intelligent locking solutions. These locks provide entry and exit into your space as well as top-notch security, keeping intruders out without the hassle of keys. The option to switch to keyless door locks offers great convenience especially if you chose the best keyless door lock for you.

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Security – The point of a door lock is to keep your space nice and secure and to give you piece of mind, hence, it is important to make sure your keyless device does this. Features such as tamper-proof resistance and wearability of frequently used digits are vital just so your access codes cannot be guessed. An additional security feature could be a log of all the entrances and exists.

Display – It is always best to invest in a keyless door lock that has a good display for its keypads. At the bare minimum, this would include a clear, fingerprint-proof, keypad display, with a backlit function to allow you to use your device at all times of the day with ease. A display that does not wear away with time is important as this may make intruders privy to the buttons that are in your passcode.

Codes – There are two important factors to consider when looking at codes. The first is that you can use higher digit numbers for the codes making it harder to guess and the second is the amount of access codes that can be used on a device at once. Being able to easily delete and change access codes is also a plus.

Batteries – A lot of companies will provide batteries along with their packages as this is always best – it often means longer-lasting batteries. It is also advisable to consider a device with the option of a key lock, just in case your battery dies out unexpectedly.

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