Best Electronic Door Lock System For Hotels in 2022

A good electronic door lock system is the foundation of a perfect hotel security system. But, where can I find the best hotel electronic door locks system to make the perfect electronic door lock management system for hotels. Luckily, this post would introduce you to the best hotel management system and best rfid door lock which is the best match for the system.

Electronic Door Lock Management System


BIS Hotel System

Based on the philosophy of logic and flexibility, Be-Tech specially design this BIS system which is compatible with global standards such as Windows R and TCP/IP protocols. In another word, the BIS system avoids the major drawback of the proprietary systems —- Low Compatibility. Because of this design, the BIS system requires low investment and electronic door lock maintenance in the building of the hotel system. Then, the second greatest feature of this best hotel electronic door lock system is it could manage up to 32 groups of common doors without practical limits. It has the ability to handle a number of the data of your hotels.

Electronic Locks for Hotel Doors


Base RFID hotel rfid door lock

The first hotel electronic door lock I would like to recommend is the base RFID electronic hotel door lock. This is one of the latest hotel room electronic door locks in Be-Tech with its latest and reliable Radio Frequency Identification(RFID) technology. It is the greatest rfid keyless door lock to help you achieve contactless service. In addition, the Base series rfid card door lock not only be compatible with the ISO 14 443 A (MIFARE) but also could be used for the future All-in-one card application use.


Visual II RFID Electronic Door Lock

The simple, fashionable and comfortable design is the symbol of the Visual II rfid electronic door lock. This fabulous rfid electronic door lock abandons the dullness of the traditional design of the keyless electronic card door locks. Inspired by the design concept of “The sparkling bright spot, not just the looks”, the vintage metal color of the rfid electronic door lock invites the architects and designers to maximize the hotel’s fashion sense and enhance the user experience to a new level. This rfid electronic door lock has a strong function, meanwhile has a beautiful surface. The anti-hacker technology is one of the most outstanding features in the rfid electronic door lock. Generally speaking, most rfid keypad door locks are easy to be hacked through the mini USB port on the outside escutcheon. The Visual series keyless electronic card door locks do not allow re-program FLASH RAM lock memory from outside escutcheon.


Shadow II RFID Hotel Electronic Door Lock

The shadow series rfid door lock cannot be underestimated with its simple design. The shadow series rfid doo lock has no shadow in the safeguarding field. This rfid door lock highly secure the safety of the room with its 3-point stainless steel latch construction with the antifriction mechanism. Furthermore, the mortise of the hotel rfid door lock also be equipped with a 20mm throw high strength deadbolt. Rfid door lock deadbolt offers even stronger protection against burglary or break-in. They have lock bolts that move with the turning of a knob or key without a spring. The shadow series rfid door lock also has a panic release function—-the rfid door lock deadbolt and latch are automatically retracted by the inside handle for easy regressing in an emergency.


All in all, The BIS system and the above three electronic hotel door locks are the great parts to build your hotel electronic door lock. The BIS system is the bain of your electronics door locking system, and the Be-Tech best rfid door locks are the bone of your electronics door locking system. Both of them are necessary.

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