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Be-Tech RFID Hotel Locking System

A lot of companies in this modern age make use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). RFID is the use of radio waves to capture information

The Basic Characteristics of RFID Hotel Lock
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The Basic Characteristics of RFID Hotel Lock

Our company Be-Tech makes products based on innovations, development, research, and technology. Our company was formed in 1992 and since then we have dedicated ourselves

When selecting a best commercial deadbolt locks, there are several things you should take into consideration. The following characteristics can significantly impact the reliability, functionality, and overall security of your deadbolt.

1. Resistance to Kick-ins or Brute Force
The primary purpose of a deadbolt is to protect your doors from the brute force—such as kick-ins.

To this end, you want a deadbolt that extends well into the doorframe, preferably a 1-inch bolt.

Consider the material used for the bolt and strike plate. Cheap and weak materials could bend or break with force. Also, be sure to install your strike plate properly and use a minimum of three-inch screws. Many cheaper deadbolts (and even some premium ones) come with short strike plate screws—don’t use these and invest the $5 at your hardware store for strong and long replacements.

Lastly, your deadbolt is only as good as the door and frame it is attached to. A cheap deadbolt is a statistically better defense than a cheap door, so if your doors are questionable, consider an upgrade.

2. Common deadbolt Exploits, Bypasses, and Vulnerabilities
I like to think of security as a small boat. If there is a single hole in your boat, it may float for a while—but it’s effectively useless for any journey.

By understanding the common vulnerabilities of your deadbolts, you’ll make better buying decisions, have an honest assessment of your
door security, and can take action to patch those holes by other means of security, the best commercial deadbolt locksis but one tool in the toolbox.

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