Be-Tech Multifamily Housing Solution

The multifamily housing industry faces various challenges when it comes to maintaining security, efficiency, and convenience across their properties. With a diverse resident population and mix of residential, commercial, retail, and hospitality spaces, having an integrated access control and security solution is crucial.

Be-Tech, a leading supplier of RFID and electronic locks in China, offers customized security and access control systems catered to the multifamily housing sector. Their solutions leverage innovative technologies to enhance security, efficiency, sustainability, and convenience for property owners, managers, staff, and residents.

The Challenges of Multifamily Housing

A recent survey by the National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC) found over 80% of property managers rank safety and security as highly important to residents. However, traditional keyed locks have security flaws and present challenges like:

  • Lost or unreturned keys causing access issues
  • Lack of individual accountability for accessed spaces
  • No automatic alerts for unauthorized entry attempts
  • Difficulty tracking and restricting access across units

These can lead to compromised security, liability risks, and resident dissatisfaction.

At the same time, properties must balance security with convenience and sustainability. Solutions like keycards, while secure, can frustrate residents and staff. Ongoing battery replacement is wasteful and disruptive. And retrofitting existing doors is often prohibitively expensive.

The Be-Tech Solution

Be-Tech provides RFID and electronic lock systems that resolve these multifamily housing challenges. Their access control solutions offer:

  • Enhanced security: Encrypted RFID technology prevents duplication or hacking of credentials compared to traditional metal keys. Access rights can be instantly assigned, restricted, and revoked from a central system.
  • Increased accountability: Detailed audit trails log each access attempt and entry. This deters unauthorized access while enabling quick investigations.
  • Automatic alerts: Instant notifications alert staff of extended door openings, repeat failed entry attempts, low battery warnings, and more.
  • Convenient access: Residents and staff simply present their RFID card or input codes. No keys to carry or lose.
  • Eco-friendly power: Long-life batteries reduce waste from frequent replacements. Many units offer solar or kinetic charging.
  • Affordable upgrades: Be-Tech’s electronic locks install onto existing doors without expensive hardware replacements.

These features check the major boxes for security, efficiency, and convenience in multifamily housing access control.

Be-Tech Product Solutions

Be-Tech produces a range of RFID and electronic locks to fulfill different multifamily housing needs:

Digital Door Locks

The D90 Series Digital Door Locks offer encrypted RFID technology and keypad code access. Their slim unobtrusive design makes upgrading existing doors affordable and simple with models including:

  • D90S – Affordable access control integrating RFID and keypad entry.
  • D90P – With enhanced security features and audit trail logging.
  • D90C – Offering offline access control with battery and network power options.

Cabinet and Furniture Locks

For securing cabinets or access points inside units, Be-Tech provides electronic RFID locks like the CL100 Series and FL100 Series. These feature:

  • Slim, concealed locking designs
  • Audit trails and access scheduling
  • Low battery and tamper alerts
  • Mechanical key overrides

Elevator/Floor Access Control

The EC100 Series Elevator Controller manages elevator access by floors or zones. It:

  • Restricts unauthorized floor access
  • Includes alarm for extended open doors
  • Features offline access control options

Energy Monitoring and Control

The ECU100 Series Energy Control Units connect lighting, HVAC, pumps and more. This enables:

  • Centralized control over connected equipment
  • Monitoring of equipment status and energy usage
  • Scheduling based on access rights

The Benefits of Choosing Be-Tech

With over 10 years specializing in access control, Be-Tech brings experience catering electronic security systems to hotels, offices, warehouses and campuses. Their solutions are thus primed to address the unique security requirements of multifamily housing.

Be-Tech sets themselves apart by providing:

  • Customized solutions: They tailor packages to each property’s needs and budget.
  • Technical guidance: Their engineers provide system design insights and technical support.
  • Global accessibility: They manufacture and ship solutions worldwide.
  • Warranties: Products carry 1-3 year manufacturer warranties.

By leveraging Be-Tech’s electronic access systems tailored for multifamily applications, owners and managers can enhance security, efficiency, and convenience across their properties.

To learn more, contact the Be-Tech team today for a customized quote or free consultation on upgrading your multifamily housing access control.

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