Be-Tech goes digital with I8A1FMT fingerprint electronic lock

Admit it, you’ve lost your keys at times right? Don’t worry, you are not alone with this. Not only is losing your keys a major inconvenience, but even making copies of the key can lead to poor craftsmanship. So instead of trying to open a locked door with a poor copied key, take faith in one of Be-Tech’s latest creation: the I8A1FMT fingerprint electronic lock! It takes away the need for keys entirely!

Be-Tech fingerprint door lock manufacturers have been creating quality locks for over 20 years. Known as one of the largest fingerprint door lock manufacturers in China, their locks are sleek and modern, but also with security in mind. They’ve been closely following the lock industry, having provided a variety of locks with responsive touchscreen, fingerprint identification, and even use of RF card key functions too. They will do anything to make the process convenient and easy for you.

I8A1FMT though is a breakthrough electronic lock for Be-Tech. It’s the first one of its kind to be designed specifically with style in mind, but not compromising tech or security. With the launch of this electronic fingerprint lock, Be-Tech fingerprint door lock suppliers are offering discerning homeowners a modern-style lock that can fit every persons design preferences.

Be-Tech goes digital with I8A1FMT fingerprint electronic lock

With the bright touchscreen, LED display and illumination upon touching the screen, this electronic lock will make it smooth and simple to see and use during the day and night too.

What about Easy Break In?

One of the concerns however is that people who have the I8A1FMT locks think that it’ll be very easy to break in, allowing unwanted entry. That is simply not the case. It gets difficult to break in due to the Secure Screen technology that’s used. This technology uses fingerprint signals to determine which numbers to key in. As a result of this technology, users have to touch random numbers before entering the actual code, which makes it difficult for people to break as they’ll see fingerprints on most, if not all the numbers.

For further security, the alarm will turn on 60 seconds after 5 failed attempts at either the use of an RF card or incorrect password or wrong fingerprint.

And if that wasn’t enough, the lock can also be set to lock automatically after only a few seconds. This removes the guesswork of whether you locked the door or not.

What about Charging?

Another concern that people have with electronic locks is remembering to keep them charged. Even though locks don’t use a lot of battery power, they do eventually run out and people forget to change them. The locks light up and give you reminders weeks in advance, however people still tend to forget about it.

Be-Tech understands that, so we put together a back-up solution with the I8A1FMT fingerprint electronic lock. As usual, the lock will notify you in advance if the batteries are dying. But in cases where the battery is completely dead, you can connect a power bank to the lock so it can still use the lock. If worse comes to worse, the lock still has a keyhole so you can still use a mechanical key to open it.

With a lock that has all your bases covered, this lock system is a must!

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