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Decoding the Intricacies of Electronic Door Lock Systems

Electronic door lock systems, deployed in various establishments, notably hotels, typically incorporate multiple modes of access—be it RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), keypad, biometric (fingerprint identification),

When Is It Good To Use Digital Door Locks?
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When Is It Good To Use Digital Door Locks?

That questions it’s actually rhetoric, because it’s always a good idea to use digital door locks. In recent years it’s more than common to see

The reason to use RFID Door Locks
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The reason to use RFID Door Locks

The RFID Door Locks were created in the 80s in order to offer cars the ability to have a smart key system. Now you can

Automatic door lock system for business is a type of door lock that uses electricity to operate. Automatic door lock can be opened and closed using a smartphone or other mobile device, making them more convenient than traditional ones. They can also be programmed to allow access only to certain people at certain times, making them more secure.

What Are The Types of Automatic Door Locks?

Many types of automatic door locks are available on the market, each with features and benefits. The most prevalent automated door lock types are shown below.

Door Latch. The most common type of automatic door lock is the latch. It consists of a latch plate and a latch bolt, which allows the door to be opened only from the inside.
Deadbolt. Another popular type of automatic door lock is the deadbolt, which prevents unauthorized access to a residence or office building by locking from both sides simultaneously with one keyed entry code.
Cylinder lock or multipoint lock system (MPLS). A cylinder lock or MPLS system is an advanced type that uses a combination of electronic sensors and keys to secure doors against unauthorized entry. In this case, each key has its unique code that unlocks only that particular door in question. Additionally makes it far more difficult for someone to open multiple doors at once without knowing their combinations.
Keyless entry system (KES) or keypad entry system (KES). This new technology allows users to enter codes using push buttons or touch screens on an electronic pad reader. Further, it connects directly to the lock via radio frequency (RF) technology or infrared transmission methods.

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