A Great Safety Online Solution Response to COVID-19

With the widespread and development of COVID-19, the global economy get a significant shock, especially tourism. Nowadays, as the need of coexisting with coronavirus, the non-contact property management solution grows to be one of the hottest topics in all fields. Today, the author would recommend you a great safe online solution response to the epidemic.

Be-Tech Online System

The online system is versatile for different applications, such as commercial use, public, and industrial buildings. It could be an excellent system that meets the market demand of access control, up-to-date security features with its high efficiency. Here is an excellent hotel system in Be-Tech:

Wireless Online Electronic Lock

Since when we are talking about the online system, we also have to talk about the electronic door lock to make a corporation with the system. The wireless online electronic door lock means you could control this door lock through the Internet system. It could effectively cut the contact chain between people. It is the best product to be applied in such a serious epidemic environment.


Wireless Online Electronic Lock

The Benefits of Wireless Online Electronic Lock

High Efficiency: Equipped with LoRa wireless technology, the RFID lock is capable to make the cooperation with the online system, bringing an efficient operating experience for different properties. Also, the electronic lock has communication with the server through the LoRa network. It could offer users easy management.

Convenience: This electronic lock provides customers with the most convenient and contactless service and prevents customers have unnecessary contact with other people. With a simple tap on the remote, the electronic door lock automatically on lock/unlock. If the guests want to extend their stay, they don’t have to re-encode the card in the hotel reception. They could make a phone call to extend their stay, so as to prevent direct contact with the hoteliers. Also, guest and master cards both can be canceled from one central location. The online system also notifies the lock to update the information.

Safety: Safety can not escape the topic of an electronic door lock. This wireless online electronic lock both provides convenience and high standard security. This wireless door lock still works when the network breakdowns. Take an instance, it still allows check-in keycard on the server and unlocks specific rooms. That means the guest could check-in or out normally and would not experience the accidents that they are locked in the room.


The online system makes cooperation with the offline product is a new and vital trend in such a global situation. The hoteliers have to update their hotel system and find out the proper and scientific non-contact services to solve the current challenges. Be-Tech could offer a great safety online solution.

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