3 Major Hotel Trends in 2021

If you keep a cautious or negative attitude toward the future trend of hotel industry, no one would disagree with your view. After all, 2020 incidents struggle our economy and keep affecting the global tourist industry and economy. Therefore, all our predictions are only as good as the relative stability of the markets they spring from.

Although the whole world is in the different ways of new normal, the essence of our normal is the same—-normal working in the process of against epidemic.

1. Safety

Safety is the major trend of the hotel industry in 2021. Guns violence, terrorism events, and other incidents in recent years make customers put more attention to safety in the choice of the hotel. Although safety is assumed in the hotel industry, you also have the necessity to share your guidelines with your guests to let them understand you attach importance to safety. The guidelines about the safety system will relieve their anxiety. Talking about safety, you should award that the hotel lock is the first line of defense in a room and the reliable watchdog of the hotel room.

2. Non-contact service

Under the background of the coronavirus epidemic, the non-contact service is the most important thing in the eyes of guests. From the hotel check-in to the opening of the hotel room door, all procedures in hotel service should be non-contact. As above mentioned, the essence of our normal is normal working in the process of against epidemic. But how to co-exist with the coronavirus and avoid infections. Non-contact is the first thing to implement. The hotel could supply guests self-service which could let the guests could avoid contacting other people. Second, actually, under the situation of the convenience of the mobile phone, more and more people prefers that the hotel has its own mobile app offering the ability to completely manage their stay without having to interact with a person. The app not only allows the guests to have a certain right to manage their stay but also let the guests have a safe distance from other people.


3. The air system

The coronavirus can easily spread in the air. If hotels don’t pay attention to the air system, the potential transmission possibility would increase. Therefore, to reach the higher-stakes standards, hoteliers kept pace with scientific findings on how to effectively mitigate the spread of Covid-19 and accordingly adopted new cleaning technologies.


Safety, non-contact service, the air system are the three major trends in 2021. Under the large view of the whole world, we, hoteliers should follow the trends of the world and take active actions to respond to the dilemma. Only if we actively solve the problem of co-existing with the coronavirus, we could go back our track.

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